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Can I read reviews without registering? Yes.

How do I find a review for the property I am considering renting? Type the cottage name or post code into the search box (top right) or click the Advanced Search button and fill in the details you have. You will be given a list of cottages that meet your search criteria.

The cottage I am interested in is not shown. Have another look just in case you got the name wrong. But in that case I'm afraid we don't have that cottage on our system yet. Sorry.

There don't seem to be many reviews. Why is that? The site is very new and it depends on self-caterers sharing their thoughts on properties. New reviews are being added every day - why not leave your reviews now you are here?

What are the MyCottageHoliday cottage numbers? We allocate a unique number to each property listed on the site. This helps some users find a property more quickly.

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Do I need to be registered to leave a review? After you have written a review you will be asked to login. If you haven't already registered you can do so then.

Do I need to be logged in to leave a review? No. If you write a review, you will be asked to login or register when you submit the review.

What information do you want for registration? Just your name and email address. Then we ask you to invent a username - which we use when you post a review.

Is there a cost for registration? No.

I registered but haven't received the authentication email. If you have signed up as a Reviewer but have not received your authentication email please contact us and ask for the authentication code to be resent.

Will people see my name and contact details when I post a review? No. They will see your username. But we obviously have your name and contact details should we need to get in touch about a review.

Do other users or owners ever see my name or email address? No.

The cottage I want to review isn't listed. What do I do? Follow the link and enter a few basic details about the property and then write a review in the usual way.

I'm not the owner - how come I can add a property? Anyone can add a property. You're asked to add some basic information about the property. If the owner wants to add more details they can do so (See Owner Help below).

I have forgotten my password. Go to the Reviewer Login page and click the Reminder link.

I added a review but I can't see it. Where is it? All reviews are checked by our editors. We'll review it as fast as we can and get it on the site.

I made a mistake on my review. Can I change it? You're given a chance to amend your review before you submit it. But if you have already submitted it you are still able to amend the review up until it has been checked by our editors. After that you are not able to change your review.

Where can I amend my review? If the review has not yet been approved by the editorial team, you can login and click the "View my Reviews" button. Find the review you want to edit and click the "View Cottage Details" button. Here you will see your review and will be able to edit your comments. If your review has been approved then you will not be able to amend it via the Admin system.

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For the owners FAQ, please go to the dedicated Owners Help section

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ - All reviews are posted by third parties. As such they do not represent the views of My Cottage Holiday Limited nor should they be taken as a recommendation by My Cottage Holiday Limited of any property. ALL reviews are the opinions of other users and may not be accurate. They do not represent the views of MyCottageHoliday or its employees. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the site. The reviews and property descriptions are provided by members of the public to help you choose a holiday cottage but you should personally check ALL details with the property owner or their agent before making a booking.

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