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If you are a property owner, you may like to find our more about placing an owner added review (OAR) to your holiday property details on

Many owners receive comments from their guests in their Visitors' Book, by post or via email. As a property owner we encourage you to share these reviews with visitors to

If your property has been listed on, and it hasn't yet received any independent reviews from previous visitors, an owner added review can offer useful background information to people looking for a holiday cottage online. For example, comments may include tips on good local restaurants, recommendations about interesting places to visit and advice on pet friendly properties.

We are aware that the comments you select to add to MyCottageHoliday will have been carefully chosen, so we do not list these comments and reviews in the same way as we do those that have been added to this site by our independent reviewers. However, we feel that any additional information about a holiday cottage is useful to potential visitors when they are researching properties, so we encourage you to add comments to your property listing that you have received directly from your guests.

All OARs will be displayed below the impartial reviewer-added comment for your property and will not be included in the star-rating system on the website.

The review details you can include are:
  • - the date of the visit
  • - the reviewer's initials
  • - the review text itself

These reviews will be labelled to differentiate them from the reviews which have been added directly to MyCottageHoliday by holiday cottage visitors.

IMPORTANT: As we do with all reviews on the site, all OARs will need to be approved by one of our editors before they can appear on the site. T any time, an editor from may ask to see the original version of a visitor comment that you have added in order to clarify its accuracy. Refusal or the inability to provide evidence of this type could result in the removal of the property from without notice.

If you are a cottage owner and would like to add an OAR to your property you can do so by logging into the cottage owner review management section and adding your guest's reviews

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ - All reviews are posted by third parties. As such they do not represent the views of My Cottage Holiday Limited nor should they be taken as a recommendation by My Cottage Holiday Limited of any property. ALL reviews are the opinions of other users and may not be accurate. They do not represent the views of MyCottageHoliday or its employees. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the site. The reviews and property descriptions are provided by members of the public to help you choose a holiday cottage but you should personally check ALL details with the property owner or their agent before making a booking.

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