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Self Catering Reviews for Shipwreck Cottage

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Shipwreck Cottage, 146 Main Street, Haverigg, Ravenglass, Cumbria, LA18 4EY

Description of the cottage holiday

Shipwreck Cottage takes pets and is family friendly, a Haverigg self catering cottage with lowest prices from £455. Shipwreck Cottage photos and details are here along with opinions and thoughts from holidaymakers who have visited Shipwreck Cottage. Shipwreck Cottage is a home and comes with 2 bathrooms and is 2 bedroomed where linen can be provided and towels are provided.


Best Features

Sleeps: from 1 to 4

Pets: Yes

Contact Details

Contact Name: Sykes Cottages

Telephone: 01244 746200

Email Agent or Owner


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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 08/2023
Cottage Review:  

I feel compelled to share my recent experience at Shipwreck Cottage in Haverigg, not as a critique, but as a sincere warning to potential guests. Our stay at this property was nothing short of a nightmare, and I genuinely believe that others should be spared from what we endured.

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this property has some serious issues that go beyond a mere bad day. The most egregious problem was the state of the jacuzzi. It was contaminated with black mould and bacteria, rendering it unsightly and a serious health hazard. Despite bringing this matter to the property owner’s and Sykes Holiday Cottages’ attention, they failed to address the underlying issue. Superficial "cleaning" only masked the problem, leaving us to wonder about the true safety and cleanliness of this property's amenities.

But the issues didn't stop there. The lack of safety notices is a cause for great concern. My wife had a terrifying encounter when the dining room airer fell and hit her on the head. We were given no warning about any potential risks associated with the use of this equipment, leaving us to question the property owner’s commitment to guest safety.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of our stay was the owners and Sykes unyielding stance on their no-refund policy. Even in the face of such severe issues, they refused to consider any compensation for the inconvenience, health concerns, and overall disappointment that marred our holiday.

In summary, my advice is clear: stay far away from Shipwreck Cottage in Haverigg. Our experience was nothing short of a disaster, and it's evident that this property owner and Sykes prioritise greed and profiteering over the well-being and satisfaction of their guests. There are countless other accommodations in the area that offer both quality and safety, and I implore you to explore those options instead.

Your holiday should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment; you should never have to worry about your health and safety being compromised. Learn from our unfortunate experience and choose a different place to stay.

Make up of party:  Family group
Cleanliness: poor Location: poor
Facilities: poor Views: poor
Value: poor Overall rating:
Review Added by: Danny Harvey Review Added: 13.10.2023
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