UK and Ireland Holiday Cottages with Availability in the Next 14 Days

See holiday cottages with late availability in the next 14 days covering the majority of counties in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. If you are looking for a holiday in a cottage, lodge,country mansion or even a castle, click on the county that you want to visit and view holiday homes that are currently vacant in the next two weeks.

Our data is updated regularly and contains prices and exact dates of availability, many of our cottages also come with reviews so that you can see the experiences of guests that have stayed in the relevant cottage before you. The details for cottages constantly change so only cottages that actually have late availability are visible, those with last minute offers and the very latest prices are visible if the holiday home is available to book. When you click into your relevant county, you will also find a list of towns and villages that have cottages within them that are available for last minute bookings so that finding a cottage is made so much easier.

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Updated Dates and Prices for Availability

The listings above provide links to pages defined by county where you will find a large selection of holiday properties that have vacancies in the next 14 days. This is one of the largest selections of holiday homes with last minute vacancies anywhere with a huge selection to choose from. By pulling the data directly from the agencies themselves, we are able to refresh this content daily to live updated dates on last minute holiday cottage dates that a specific property is free for. You can search by county to look for a property in your preferred area and on each individual listing page, you can find dates when a property is vacant and the last available price.

Search by County

Many people who are looking to make a last minute booking generally know their preferred area, usually defined by a county, so we have split the data for cottages with available dates down into counties. From the popular south west coastal counties of Devon and Cornwall to the Lake District counties of Lancashire and Cumbria, popular Highlands cottages and the coastal cottages of Pembrokeshire in Wales and County Clare in Ireland. Our easy to use page for cottages helps you to easily navigate to your chosen county.

Up To Date Availability

Unlike some web sites that claim to offer you late availability deals and send you on a wild goose chase trying to find properties with availability, we only show you cottages that actually have availability. Our data is refreshed every 24 hours and the dates that are available are clearly marked in orange so that you can scroll through the lists and find a cottage, defined by county, with the date available and then book it. It really is that simple and that honest, spend less time searching and use the My Cottage Holiday Late availability county pages to find a holiday home suitable for your last minute break.