Holiday Cottages and Holiday Homes in England

One of the largest selections of holiday homes in England, many of these with reviews from My Cottage Holiday, the independent holiday cottage review web site providing you with unsolicited reviews for thousands of holiday cottages in England. An ever growing selection of hopliday homes covering the whole of England, many of the cottages, lodges and homes have reviews provided by previous guests that have stayed in the holiday let in the past, designed to help you make a better choice when booking a holiday property in England.

Reading reviews allows you to make a better judgement on the type of property that you are booking, getting the opinions of people and families that have stayed in the properties previously really helps you to make an educated decision on your booking a property. Help us, if you love reading reviews for holiday cottages in England, why not write one. Where did you stay last year? Reviews mean just more than looking at the cottage itself, you can also provide really useful information such as great restaurants and pubs to visit nearby, quaint English villages or tourist attractions and theme parks that are really worth a visit for a family, or even the ones to avoid. Everyone has a fond memory or even something that you want to forget so please help others and leave a review for a cottage or holiday let anywhere in England here.

All of the major locations and some that are off the beaten track are provided here. From the popular beaches of Cornwall and Devon to the remote wilds of Northumberland and the Yorkshire Moors, the vast majority of locations have holiday properties that you can book here. Most of the cottages have reviews with them and also information about the number of persons that the cottage sleeps and if they are or are not pet friendly. You can have city breaks in London or Manchester, walking holidays in Derbyshire and the Pennines or find holiday cottages in less popular locations such as Leicestershire. Search here for cottages and holiday homes in England with reviews from My Cottage Holiday.