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Holiday Cottage Reviews for Weavers Cottage

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Weavers Cottage, 6 Bilham Road, Clayton West, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 9PA

Description of the holiday cottage

Weavers Cottage does not allow pets and is great for families, a Clayton West self catering cottage with prices beginning at £313. Weavers Cottage reviews and photos are here along with opinions and thoughts from visitors who have taken a holiday at Weavers Cottage. Weavers Cottage is a home that offers 1 bathroom and is 3 bedroomed where bed linen is included and towels are available.


Best Features

Sleeps: from 1 to 6

Pets: No

Contact Details

Contact Name: Sykes Cottages

Telephone: 01244 746200

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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 09/2019
Cottage Review:  

Well where do we start with Sykes Cottages and Weavers Cottage! We booked a week at this cottage in September. It was rated under Sykes scheme as being 4 ticks out of 5 and cost a not insubstantial £482 for the week. The description stated there was a car parking space and given the cost and rating we did not anticipate any problems. How wrong we were! My definition of a car parking space is an area where an average person can park an average car without undue difficulty and without the imminent danger of damaging the vehicle. Having driven a wide range of vehicles including trucks all over the world I feel that I have the experience to put forward this view. Upon arriving after a 6 hour drive we were immediately aware that the parking space was totally inadequate for anything bigger that a small to medium car. We raised the matter immediately with Sykes Cottages who in turn contacted the owners. Without taking into account anything I had said regarding the size and shape of the space Sykes immediately sided with the owners who claimed the space was big enough. Their combined answer was “park in the road”. I declined to do this for the following reasons:-

There was no room in the road – due to parked cars.

I had paid a premium rental for a property with a useable car parking space.

I did not want to risk my car being parked out of sight on another road in the area.

Sykes immediately took up the “it’s nothing to do with us” stance that is so prevalent in all their poor service reviews and there are LOTS of them across the review sites. I rejected the property as I felt very strongly that it had been mis-represented and mis-sold by both Sykes and the owners and returned home within an hour of arriving. Having now researched things further it appears to me that Sykes do not actually vet the properties they rent out but just accept whatever the owners tell them before awarding the “tick” grading. I have also found previous reviews of this cottage that specifically say that the car parking space is inadequate – though the owners deny this the plain truth is the reviews are out there. We wrote to the directors of Sykes who didn’t have the decency to acknowledge our letter let alone reply. Our requests for a refund due to the cottage not being properly described were met with “the owners say the parking space is not a problem so case closed” response. The review sites are littered with “customers” who have had the same experience of mis-described properties. It would not be a complete review if I did not mention also that we were disappointed by the general area which did not meet our expectations – the picturesque Peak District it is not. If you really are thinking of booking this property check its position on Google Maps to see the true surroundings like the housing estate behind it also have a look at the photos I have put on my Tripadvisor review.

Make up of party:  Couple
Cleanliness: poor Location: poor
Facilities: poor Views: poor
Value: poor Overall rating:
Review Added by: 8Hours Review Added: 30.11.2019
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