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Holiday Cottage Reviews for Miller's Cottage

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Miller's Cottage, Faerdre Fach, Prengwyn Road, Llandysul, Ceredigion, SA44 4EG

Description of the holiday cottage

Miller's Cottage is a 2 bedroom self catering property and sleeps 4 in Llandysul with 2 bathrooms. Miller's Cottage with prices from £334, a not child friendly holiday let in Ceredigion for groups up to 4, Miller's Cottage is non smoking and accepts pets.

Best Features

Sleeps: from 1 to 4

Pets: Yes

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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 09/2020
Cottage Review:  


I know this review is long but it needs to be to portray the TRULY TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE we had at Millers Cottage, Donkey Hill and I would VERY STRONGLY urge anybody who is thinking of booking a self catering cottage there to read it and to also read the other TERRIBLE reviews others have put on. I expect the people who have put on good reviews managed to enjoy their holiday because they were lucky enough to have no reason to complain about anything or have any maintenance issues - but oh boy you need to know what might happen if you do…………………………..

We booked to stay at Millers Cottage at Donkey Hill, supposedly for a week from the 11th September 2020. However we only stayed for one night, being told to leave by the truly horrible owners simply because we reported a maintenance issue! As unbelievable and absurd as it sounds, that is what happened.

I am really glad that I noticed Sharon T and Carol H’s reviews before actually putting my own review on, as their experiences mirrored our own. They should be read in conjunction with my review as I appreciate sometimes people are fussy and exaggerate but I hope if you read those reviews, mine and the other terrible reviews about the owners, then it will result in you believing that what happened to us was entirely true, as absurd and crazy as it was!

I believe that Carol H probably stayed in Millers Cottage immediately after us - Carol H was right, the cottage was not very clean. The basics had been done but inside the kitchen cupboards were a bit dirty, the pots and pans were in disarray all over the place, there was food left in the freezer, there were cobwebs up the stairs, clumps of dust behind furniture and the outside areas, including the patio where the table and chairs was hadn’t seen a brush for goodness knows how long. The small patio off one of the bedrooms was absolutely covered in leaves and cobwebs and a slipping hazard with no working light. The decking where the hot tubs are has seen better days. We had the room with the super king bed but it was not at all comfortable, I could feel the springs through the matress. Having said that, however, the cottage itself was very nice and in a beautiful location and had we been given the opportunity to stay there for the week as we should have done, we would no doubt have enjoyed it….. BUT FOR THE HORRIBLE OWNERS.

Before booking I did look at some reviews on Trip Advisor and noticed that whilst there were a number of excellent reviews about the property, there were also a quite a few reviews which were terrible, mainly complaining about the owners, in particular "Lady Kate". However I noticed that the owners responded to all of these negative reviews suggesting that the writer of the reviews was actually talking about the property from years ago when it was a B & B and aired on a TV programme called "Four in a Bed" and their response led myself, and I am sure others to believe that the reviews were actually talking about someone other than the current owners at Donkey Hill/Millers Cottage and the other self catering cottages there. This is not the case …… whilst Andy and Kate did indeed run a B & B at Donkey Hill some years ago from the self catering accommodation there which is now called "The Dairy", it is unfortunately still the same couple who run the self catering cottages as they currently are.

On arrival at the cottage, Andy met us and handed the key to us, explained what was what and how to use the hot tub. We paid him £50 cash for use of the hot tub for the week. He came across as nice and helpful. We settled in and had a quick dip in the hot tub. After using the hot tub I went to have a shower in one of the 2 en-suite bathrooms. The shower was freezing cold. I text Kate to report this. She responded immediately and said that Andy would come and look at it, which he did. Andy explained that he would go to Screwfix first thing the following morning to get the part and would repair it. He suggested in the meantime that we use the communal shower in the shared gym facility. This was not ideal bearing in mind Covid-19!

Later on that evening I received a text from Kate saying that she was “pissed” the previous guests did not tell them about the shower and it was probably going to be Monday before they could fix it as there was only the 2 of them and they had 5 cottages and a B and B to run. I responded to query this, with Andy having said he would go to Screwfix the following day and that I wasn’t really happy having to wait until Monday. Kate replied to say it was the best they could do and if we were that unhappy we could go home!

Andy came by the following morning to see to the hot tubs. He spoke with us and we had a very reasonable conversation with him, discussing what could possibly be wrong with the shower (my brother in law being from an electrical maintenance background helpfully suggesting what could be wrong with it/which part might be needed) and Andy then left saying he couldn’t promise anything, with Screwfix being a 45 minute drive away, but he would do his best to get there that day if he could.

Within minutes of Andy leaving I received a text from Kate suggesting that my reporting the fact that the shower was cold the previous evening had caused her to be up all night in tears, that it was not acceptable and suggesting we pack up and leave, that we were being totally unreasonable and unrealistically expecting this level of attention when they were going out of their way to try and help! She tried to suggest my “friend” had spoken to Andy like he was stuck to his shoe which he certainly did not. I did not respond as we were by then sat there, aghast at her messages. She then sent another saying “I am deadly serious” and then another saying Sykes were involved, the longer we stayed the less refund we would get. I replied to say we had done nothing to warrant us having to leave, we had a repair issue we had raised, that was all, we had no plans to leave and just intended to carry on and enjoy the rest of our holiday and to thank Andy for saying he would try and sort it as soon as he could.

We then went into the little village just to get away for a bit, we were so upset at the texts we had received and the hostile nature of them. Whilst in the village however I then received a barrage of further texts from “Lady Kate” to say that they didn’t want nor need unhappy guests - it was her choice not ours and we WERE leaving, followed by another saying “too late” and then “blame ya pal” and then “tick tock, I have asked you to leave you won’t be staying so you best hurry up and leave” and so on……..............

I rang Sykes Cottages from the village and they were very helpful. They spoke to “Lady Kate” and called me back to say they could not believe her attitude at all and were sincerely apologetic to us but relayed the fact that she was insistent we had to be out by 2pm or we would not get a refund! We tried to explain that we would really struggle to be out that quickly and asked for more time but she was completely insistent we had to be out by 2pm!

We ended up having to return to the cottage, whereupon we had less than half an hour to pack all our belongings including all our food, empty bins and the like. We realised after going we had forgotten to put the dishwasher on, we were so rushed so if you did stay there after us Carol H we do apologise. It does sound as though the property was not cleaned after we left anyway, just as it was not cleaned properly before we arrived either! We certainly didn’t really have much time to mess it up anyway, being there less than 24 hours!

Andy and Kate refused to refund the £50 cash we had paid for the hot tub, even though we only had the use of it for one night. Indeed whilst we had nipped out into the village Andy had actually been up to the cottage and drained the hot tub making sure we could not use it. (Beware they have cameras watching your every move!) However, thankfully Sykes Cottages have given us a full refund, including the £50 for the hot tub despite the horrible owners refusing to do so.

I fully expect “Lady Kate” to respond to this review and suggest in a rude and childish manner that it is untrue like she has to all of the other negative reviews, but obviously anyone reading this can form their own view after reading my review and the others I have suggested should be read. I would also highly recommend you watch Series 1 of “Four in a Bed! as it is a real eye opener!” Should she do so then I will not hesitate to upload screenshots of the text messages passing between us for all to see.


Make up of party:  2 couples
Cleanliness: poor Location: good
Facilities: adequate Views: good
Value: adequate Overall rating:
Review Added by: Sue Leeming Review Added: 03.10.2020
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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 11/2017
Cottage Review:  

Four of us had a wonderful time at Millers Cottage over the weekend. The hot tub is fabulous, the facilities in the kitchen are great, and the surprise welcome hamper was very useful! We were a little worried that the ?pet friendly? part of the previous reviews would mean that we would have a cottage full of dog hairs and smelling of dog, but that absolutely wasn?t the case at all! The cottage was clean, tidy, warm and very welcoming! Already working out when we can come back!! Top tip... bring flip flops next time for the very short walk across the front ya

Make up of party: 
Cleanliness: Location:
Facilities: Views:
Value: Overall rating:
Review Added by: Review Added: 19.11.2017
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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 09/2011
Cottage Review:  

My wife, daughter, spaniel and I had the best week away for ages at Millers Cottage. The location is perfect and the cottage itself is really clean, smart and comfortable. We were made really welcome by the owners who even checked if we needed anything from the shops when they went out. I love the Cardigan bay area and would heartily recommend this as a base from which to explore.

Make up of party: 
Cleanliness: 5 Location: 5
Facilities: 5 Views: 5
Value: 5 Overall rating:
Review Added by: Review Added: 16.09.2011
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Recommended?  No Date of visit: 06/2011
Cottage Review:  

We have just had the most magical five days at Happy donkey Hill in the millers cottage.

Even though we got a little lost ( 40 miles to my shame! ) and late. The welcome was warm, the cottage amazing, the cleanliness, decor throughout and the kitchen was so well equipped with anything you could need. There was even a log fire ready to be lit in the burner. The hot tubs were spot on with plenty of privacy and still able to look out over the valley or stars. There was a utility room for laundry that was really useful. A free mobile direct to Katie or Andy if

Make up of party: 
Cleanliness: 5 Location: 5
Facilities: 5 Views: 5
Value: 5 Overall rating:
Review Added by: Review Added: 27.06.2011
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